posted May 5, 2009

                                                           My latest therapy
has been to watch Vertigo over and over and try to fall in love
with Midge instead of Madeleine: available Midge, dependable

Here on vacation, I don’t trust the amenities—
not the white beachfront hotel, not the ocean’s hush, least of all the apparent

          The blue clarifies: my life is a cough that edges forward.

          From oak racks towels hang pure
white, sporting tiny hotel monograms—they are not to be
trusted; lemon-scented concierge

with foreheads buffed to faux-faux-copper sheens;

                                   waves so finely wrought
                    they must have logos at their bases—none to be

A bulb was missing from the bedside lamp; I called down
          so as not to feel


Michael Homolka's poems have appeared recently or are forthcoming in publications such as 32 Poems, New Orleans Review, Parnassus, Ploughshares, The Threepenny Review, and Witness. He grew up in Los Angeles and works in book production in New York City.

We’ve published seven more poems by Homolka: “sometimes song,” “Hooky,” “Rubato,” “resignation,” “golden gate park,” “Fairground II,” and “Orchard Street.”