The Bridge Survivor

Hal Sirowitz

If someone told you to jump
in the water while you’re on a bridge,
Father said, would you do it? You
probably would – feet first. You’re
susceptible to bad influences.
You would be defeating the purpose
of bridges – to get you on the other
side without becoming wet. And
you’ll be partaking in a suicidal act.
If you survive hypothermia,
repercussions will follow you
the rest of your life. You’d be
known as the bridge jumper
or survivor. No one would
hire you, because he’d be afraid
you might start jumping again.
If you jumped over a puddle,
your co-workers would worry
about you – you might jump
out the window next, as an encore.

Author Bio: 

Hal Sirowitz's last book was published in Portugal for a poetry festival. He has been published in Hanging Loose Magazine, Manhattan Poetry Review, and others.